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Nguyen Hue Street to have Regulations on Drinking, Eating and Fun Activities

nguyen hue pedestrian street

Bad news for the locals, Nguyen Hue aka the Saigon downtown is going to have its own regulations regarding drinking, eating and other fun activities that have been happening since its first arrival. The banning will be soon made by the HCMC People’s Committee. 

Due to recent activities such as unauthorized shop vendors,  loud musical instruments, littering, fighting scenes and some other actions from the locals that do not impress the officials, the pedestrian street is going to employ such new laws to stop these activities. According Tuoi Tre News, weekends and evenings on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street are mainly for loud music, snacking, dancing end even gossiping. As a result, the HCMC People’s Committee is about to impose a proper ban upon these activities and “cultural activities that violate regulations on civilized lifestyle, social security and order, and the prevention of fire and explosion”.

nguyen hue street

Loud noises will also be banned on the walking street, including “loudspeakers, horns, gongs, drums and whistles, and assembly of people without permission of competent authorities”. Furthermore, the HCMC People’s Committee is going to form an administrative board to monitor the behavior from the locals through both the authorities and the security cameras.

nguyen hue street

So, what do you think of this banning action? Let us know in the comment section below.

**info narrated from: Saigoneer **

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