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Mì Gõ in Saigon: Secret Gem of the City

mì gõ

If you’re a true Saigonese, you will often see different Chinese noodles stalls (mì gõ in Vietnamese) on the sidewalks and you just want to have a stop for a while as well as take a sip of those boiling hot noodles bowls. The noodles stall is also a part of Vietnamese culture, as people often call it “comfort food”.

Back when I was around 5, I lived in district 1 and nearby my house there was a noodle stall which was my all time favorite. My mom would wake me up each morning and took me there for breakfast almost every morning, and it pretty much became our usual morning routine. Since then, I’ve been and will always be a huge fan of these noodles.

mì gõ

The fresh noodles, made with love and care – Source: Mot The Gioi

mì gõ

A local Saigonese enjoying a bowl of hủ tiếu gõ – Source: Mot The Gioi VN

In my very own perspective, I’ve tried different kinds of Chinese noodles and even in Hong Kong itself; I had an opportunity to eat some of them. I might sound objective, but none of these noodles are as excellent as the stalls in Saigon. There’s something very unique in the taste of the broth and the texture of both the noodles and the wontons. The broth is both sweet and salty enough for the customers without being overdone, whereas the noodles and wonton’s texture is chewy enough. I think what makes it so important and lingering is the soup itself, normally when I get to eat noodles in Hong Kong or China, their taste is a bit strong and overwhelming, therefore it makes it a bit difficult to finish due to the intense scent. But here in Saigon, the scent is less intense and juicy enough for the customers, making them want to go back to eat more often.

mì gõ

Waiting for takeaways – Source: Mot The Gioi

Luckily, when my mom and I moved to district 3 back in 2011; there’s also another noodles stall nearby our place. Coincidentally, the stall was my mom’s childhood with my grandmother as the two of them used to go visit the stall very often for a hot bowl of noodles. And now, my mom does the same with me as we share and create our very own memories with the noodle stalls (mì gõ). Mì gõ is not only a signature dish to have when you’re in Saigon, but it’s also a trademark of culture and memories to look back. So that when we grow up and we look back, Saigon is still very humble as we all know.

mì gõ

Hủ tiếu gõ Delivery Man, a skill to master while driving/balancing with one hand – Source: VC Media


  • Hủ Tiếu Gõ Hoàng Hoa Thám : 187 Hoàng Hoa Thám, Dist 6, Bình Thạnh Ward.
  • Hủ Tiếu Gõ Trần Quốc Toản: 77 Trần Quốc Toản, Dist 3.
  • Hủ Tiếu Gõ Lý Thái Tổ : 18 Lý Thái Tổ, Dist 3.

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