Pack Your Bags to Nepal Now!


Since the devastating earthquake last year in April, now the Himalayan country is about to be ready to welcome back travelers like you. Yes, Nepal is still in the process of rebuilding, but the whole place still looks as majestic as ever. 

Even though it’s still in its construction state, and destruction marks are still there. But Nepal has stood strong and firm after the serious quake, still being able to keep its organic beauty and its mythical stories. The cultural value in Nepal is endless; with monuments, pagodas, crowded streets and mountainous areas.

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The country is one of the ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, such a devastation last year but Nepal is promising to bring back the culture and the goodness. Even better, this place is also a home for various types of animals; with more than 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds and 556 species of reptiles and amphibians.

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Since this Himalayan country is still under construction of rebuilding, if you’re interested to embark on a service trip to help local people to rebuild the place, you’re more than welcome! For more information on the volunteering service, check out Hands on the Himalayas official website.

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