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Quick and Easy Vietnamese Banh Mi Recipe to Master

Vietnamese cuisine

Vietnamese has a quite bite to be proud of, that is the famous and incomparable Vietnamese banh mi. With slightly toasted baguette with pork, pickles and veggies for the stuffing. This is not something to be missed in Vietnam, indeed. But when you’re not in Vietnam, and you’re craving for a Vietnamese banh mi recipe? Read on below on how to make it. 

Vietnamese Banh Mi – Source: Serious Seats

Ingredients (for 1 person) :

1 fresh baguette

Pork pate (to taste, depending on how light or rich you’re going for)

Mayonnaise of your choice (to taste)

4-8 thin slices of ham

4 slices of head cheese

Fresh cilantro

Quick-pickled daikon and carrots

Quick-pickled Carrots on Daikons: 

1 large carrot (evenly sliced)

2 pieces of daikon

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

2 teaspoon sugar


Make the pickles: place the carrot and daikons into a bowl, sprinkle salt and sugar on top. After 15 minutes, rinse the pickles and drain. Place in the fridge until the baguette is ready to be made.

Slice the baguette lengthwise, but not whole entirely. Lightly toast the baguette and slide a thin layer of pate on the bottom and another layer of mayo on top. Put on headcheese and ham. Finish off with pickled carrots and daikons, cilantro and any kind of vegetables of your choice (cucumber will do best). DONE!

**Info narrated from: I am a Food Blog** 

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