Several things to do when travel in Italy

things to do in Italy

Italy has become the world’s favorite destination in Europe for its beauty and richness in culture, architecture, cuisine and history. How to cover all must-go museums and all signature must-try dishes in Italy in a short trip? Here are things to do in Italy. 

1. Don’t give the waiter (waitress) tip unless you like the service

Extra money for service isn’t considered as a things to do of the Italian culture. Make sure that the quality of service you receive is remarkable. Otherwise, just pay enough for the service.

2. Dont’t use cheese with seafood spaghetti

This is considered as a weird thing to do in Italy. You may think that this is just a normal taste (or habitual reaction), but let’s eat your meal as its indigenous way and you also shouldn’t use your knife and folk to cut your pasta.

3. Shouldn’t try to be sexy in Italy

Tourist should not show to much skin on public, especially at sacred place such as church or temple. Unless you’re having a wonderful time on the beach, let’s put on your coach and make sure not much skin are showed.

4. Let’s study some Italian

We have to admit that English can be used in everywhere, but here in Italy, you may need to think about that again. If you simply think that English could help you exchange information smoothly with local people, you’re wrong. To become polite with their own culture, try to buy some basic Italian books and start to speak their language.

5. Remember to smile

Talking to a local person, remember to put a smile on your face. People in Italy will think about you as a fervent tourist. Smiling also brings some certain advantages such as receiving more specific information when asking for a street direction or service



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