Shinsekai – A New World Of Osaka


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Shinsekai is a bustling downtown in Ebi-higashi of Osaka city. It is also Osaka’s “new world”, a district which was developed before WW2 but then abandoned in many decades. At the district center, Tsutenkaku tower stands flaming at night. A lot of restaurants and footstools here remind a golden era of Shinsekai.
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This area was developed following the success of national industrial exhibition in 1903, that brought more than 5 million people coming to the district within only 5 months. After a short time, an exhibition closed to start an improvement and update work for Shinsekai

Paris was chosen as a model for a half of northern of Shinsekai, while the southern was built to imitate Coney island of New York. Tsutenkaku tower was constructed in 1912 after Eiffel tower. In spite of the destruction in World War II, the tower was reconstructed in 1956, the present tower talls 103m with an observation desk at 91m

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Other attraction is Kushikatsu, the most famous speciality of Osaka. This dish is a kind of fried  skewer with many taste : savoury taste like beef and chicken, vegetable taste like asparagus or pumpkin, or dessert taste like banana…Most of restaurants here open 24/24 but become really lively at night.
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At Shinsekai, there are a lot of restaurants or foodstalls with various type of japanese street foods like Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Kushikatsu, Sushi. Furthermore, a lot of Pachinko are available or the theater where display adult movies. Furthermore, Shinsekai exists a gay town, with 25 gay bars. In daytime, tourists can visit Tsutenkaku, Janjan Yokocho Alley, Tennoji zoo. At night, tourists can discover an adult town
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Shinsekai is also a Spa World, a complex of sauna services with a huge number of sauna pools. There is also an famous Onsen place in Osaka

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