Sonder Ireland – The Breathtaking Footage of Ireland

Sunder Ireland

The video features a host of voices talking about every aspect of Irish life, and all the wonderful things that people love about Ireland. From the city to the countryside, from the memory of lives previously lived in the ancient castles and majestic big houses, to the ever-changing cities and towns full of tourists.

The short film is the creation of new Irish media company, Sonder Visuals, intent on capturing the character of 28 states of the European Union through similar amazing visuals experiences.

“It will showcase the landscape and society of each country through our lens and the thoughts and voices of those who call the EU home,” says the Sonder website.

Sit back, relax and prepare yourself for an overwhelming sense of pride or an inherent need to visit this great and green country of Ireland!

You can follow the team on Twitter @SonderVisuals


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