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SongkRUN Water Run Music Festival 2016

Songkrun water run

SONGKRUN, a whole new running platform is coming right up real soon. If you can’be be in Thailand just in time, SONGKRUN will be arriving soon in your areas. If you want to to know more, read on. 

Participants will get to race along on a 5km long run, with interactive activities along the way. You can also bring along your water guns, buckets of water or anything you’d like for an ultimate water battle. The whole area is split into 5 different water and music zones, with various designs and platforms just for your entertainment with your buds.

SongkRUN water run

SONGKRUN is considered as the World First Water Run that brings you a whole new experience of sports. Participants at all ages are more than welcome to join the fun, the run is un-timed and and it’s unlimited for everybody as they pass through different stations with cool designs. As you cross the finish line, then get ready to be even wetter with the latest beats and tunes played by local and international artists. It’s such a reward for everybody after finishing the long run.

Worry not, SONGKRUN is coming soon to these following cities: Australia, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Taipei and Tokyo. Happy now? There will always be enough of water for everyone! Splash on!

Songkrun Water Run

SongKrun Water Run

songkrun water run

Please refer to the event information below to keep everything on track:

Event website: Songkrun Water Run 

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