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Souvenirs to buy in Japan – locals advice

souvenirs to buy in Japan

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During your trip, choosing affordable but appropriate souvenirs is such a challenge for us all. Japan wouldn’t make you spend that much time and money to have your desired souvenirs. Here are some local suggestions exclusively for you.

  1. Maneki Neko cat

The cat is supposed to bring fortune and prosperity, it’s a souvenir of luckiness for businessmen, particularly to increase sales by waving its cute fluffy claw. photo ea423ee7a5fefa1c93b3fec1b60e8cd9.jpg

  1. Kokeshi doll

A petite wooden doll, is considered one of the most famous virtus in Japan. Lovely dolls wearing kimono are  among the best choice souvenirs because of its small shape making it easy to carry yet it is a sophistical decoration, which is typical for Japanese culture.

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  1. Uchiwa fan

This traditional fan  is a famous handicrafts of Japan. It’s an amazing choice for hot summer days.

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  1. Food and candy from Matcha

Matcha powder is a traditional ingredient in Japanese cuisine with its light but magical aftertaste and health benefit. Tourists usually look for some Matcha products like : Mochi, Nama chocolate or Kitkat or even a pack of Matcha powder. All Matcha products are sold in every convenience stores and supermarket.

souvenirs to buy in Japan
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souvenirs to buy in Japan

  1. Geta wooden clog and Zoni flipflop

Along with kimono, they are a beauty in Japanese culture. But we can’t deny the helpful function of them, specially Zoni flipflop when you will have a very new and unique accessory in your wardrobe

 photo geta-3.jpg, souvenirs to buy in Japan
 photo geta-1.jpg

  1. Wasaga umbrella

 photo kitsune wagasa.png

  1. Sampuru

Sampuru is a plastic copy of Japanese foods and totally made by hand with unbelivably conscientious sculpture.

 photo sampuru-restaurant-japon-faux-menu-03-1080x810.jpg

  1. Chopsticks

Chopsticks with different pattern made from lacquer act are not only attractive bot also useful things in your daily meals

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