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The Beauty of Bomun Pavilion Gyeongju

Bomun Pavilion

Gyeongju was known as the capital city for the ancient Silla Kingdom and boasted the nickname “a museum with no walls”. If you have a deep interest in ancient artifacts and cultural value, Bomun Pavilion is the perfect place for you to explore and stay. This pavilion, the surrounding landscapes and traditional villages make this place the most beautiful town in South Korea.

Bomun Pavilion

Bomun Pavilion, a small wooden gazebo whose setting is such a beautiful harmony of nature and man-made care-taking that it makes you feel as if you were in that “once upon a time” wonderland from your bed-time fairy tales. . By the tiny pond, cherry blossom petals draft such a romantic pinkish background contrasting those green bushes and trees  all of which are meant to complement the centerpiece of a typical Oriental landscape painting: the tiny wooden gazebo.

If you want to see the traditional Korean music – also known as Gukak – you should visit Bomun from April to January, as there is annual performance at Bomun Outdoor Performance Hall – which is completely free of charge. You can also enjoy the hot spring in the Bomun District. Enjoying beautiful scenery of this walk with pink petals dancing with the wind make you smile gently. All of which make such an unforgettable trip.


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