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The best Laksa place in Singapore


With three main major ethnic groups living in harmony : Chinese, Malay and Indian; Singapore cuisine is very unique due to unexpected combination of 3 biggest cuisines in Asia. Laksa is the national dish of Singapore, which is recommend the most “must-eat” when travelling to Singapore

Laksa is a traditional dish of Peranakan people. This dish is a perfect harmony of noodle, fish cake, shrimp, bean sprouts and soup cooked with spicy curry and coconut milk. It is used with otak otak fish, a special vegetable to cook laksa and a spoon of chilly.

Furthermore, there are many ways to serve laksa. Singapore Locals adore Curry Laksa and Assam Laksa the most out of all other kinds.
 photo N01-Curry-Laksa-2yvhfg750fva1pu1hkgaa2.jpg

Curry Laksa is cooked with coconut milk, curry and attracts tourists by their greasy and sweet of coconut juice.

While Assam Laksa is outstanding with sour taste of the fish soup and extremely spicy taste of Malaysian shrimp shacha sauce. In Malaysia, Assam Laksa is more popular than Curry.
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Unlike many other Asian noodles, you can use spoon to enjoy Laksa. That’s why Laksa noodles are shorter than other kinds of noodles.

That amazing taste of Laksa is the result from many ingredients with irresistible aroma from coconut milk and impressive curry. That richness of coconut milk and sensational curry scent mix in puffy noodles, fish cake, shrimp, tofu are what make Laksa unforgettable.

“328 Kotong Laksa” restaurant is the best place to have Laksa in Singapore. Laksa at this restaurant is claimed to have that authentic taste of Laksa. Having developped for more than 100 years, the restaurants still remains that Laksa-ish taste in every single bite.
 photo hb3vp-328-katong-laksa-t4.jpg

However, chopsticks are not allowed in “328 Kotong Laksa”, you have to use spoon to eat.

Another must-go place to eat in Singapore.

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