The Best Vietnam Tours for your Holiday in 2016


With this list of the best private tours in Vietnam on hands, you can spend your holiday on a trip to Vietnam discovering the breathtaking nature beauty and unique heritage of this country in the most truly local way.

Whether you are the first time travellers in Vietnam or you have been there so many times, it’s still worth trying.


Part 1. Top Vietnamese food experiences

Country side food tells the story of its people and provides us with opportunities for interaction and fellowship, in a way that nothing else can.

People learn to connect with food and pay attention to its sources and manner of production. Especially in a foreign setting, sharing a meal is a wonderful opportunity to differentiate differentcultural attitudes toward food – which food are revered and rejected, how it’s made and served, what matters and what doesn’t.

Vietnamese food is not only good because of its refined taste but also because of its variety. Vietnamese cookery has, at least, three distinct styles, each deriving from a particular region. The main and common dish in every meal is Com (rice) which is eaten with other dishes.

Let’s explore the Vietnamese culture via food tours!

1. The best free street food tours 

Hanoi Free Street Food Tour

This trip is crafted by Hanoi e.Buddies, a non-profit organisation established with the aim of supporting foreigner tourists when they come to Hanoi. Currently, they are having nearly 45 members who are immensely enthusiastic and adequately equipped themselves with knowledge. They are ready to become friendly travel companion for tourists in Hanoi.


Within this street food tour, the tour guides will get you strolling around Dong Xuan Market and tasting a variety of local street food like Bun Cha Hanoi, O mai Hang Duong, Banh My stall and even coffee mixed with egg at Hoan Kiem lake. Enjoy walking with them.

Free Street Food Tour Ho Chi Minh City:

Tam is a warm and affectionate guide, giving great insights into local lives with plenty of anecdotes. The tour is pleasant, laid-back and full of small surprises, with some lovely street food that is unlikely to be on any travel books, but essential to anyone seeking a truly Vietnamese experience. Just take a walk, enjoy the food and learn about  Vietnamese culture.


Danang Free Food Experience:

Travel to Da Nang, book this tour with Mai Anh, “an easy-going, open-minded girl, always looks for new challenges, meeting new friends and discovering something different from people all over the world”, you can feel the mixture of the North and South culture in which Vietnamese people call as the most worth living city.

Most importantly, you will have a chance to taste My Quang, Banh Trang cuon thit heo, Cao Lau which are the most popular food in Da Nang.

Da Nang is also ideally positioned between Hoi An and Hue for day or short trip. It would be a good combination for your holiday.

2. The best paid food tours

Sunset and seafood feast on Chuon Lagoon – Hue

Tour starts at Dong Ba Market. There will be a feast for your eyes and chance to eat like a local onthe pavement.

The happy belly troops then will be taken to see one of the oldest port towns in Hue, Chi Lang town, where some of the 400 years old town still remains  traditional architect as well as French influence. Tour continues with a visit to a traditional occupation workshop, where people make
golden-plated objects for royal palaces. You will have a break at “Beo, Nam, Loc” restaurant, some savory cakes wrapped in banana leaves, dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce.


Lastly, the boat trip will take you to the “Clam island” to try “Sweet Corn soup” and “Clam rice” then enjoy the sunset on the cruise back to town.

Saigon Urban Foodie Adventure

Time for an adventure of your taste with one of the most trendy typical food in Saigon: Tofu noodle with shrimp sauce ‘Bún đậu mắm tôm’ and best coffee in town.

The trendy, delicious but traditional food you should not miss while you are in Saigon. We will visit one of the most unique original homemade store and you also have chance to see how people prepare food.


After having a cup of coffee, chatting with local friends, you will go around the city to see how the evening life happens and enjoy the most comfortable time of Saigon on bike.

Hoian Foodie Night Tour:

A short ride through the busy streets and alleys takes us to a well established local restaurant serving up the famous Hoi An dishes of Com Ga & Cao Lau in a hideaway location down one of the alleyways in central Hoi An.

Immerse yourself in the local dining scene, Hoi An style. Kicking off as the sun sets, guests ride pillion on a vintage Vespa along the river, through alleyways and in the busy streets around this ancient heritage town, tasting some of the best local dishes and street food on offer.

Hanoi Food Tour Half Day

Hanoi foody tour is the best choice to discover the ancient Hanoi Old Quarter while tasting amazing authentic street food. Walking through the narrow, chaotic streets of the Old Quarter, you can stop along the way to try some of many local delicacies on offer.

3. The best home cooking tours

Home cooking tour in Hanoi:

Do you want to enjoy Vietnamese traditional food without worrying about unsanitary food?

You can come to her home and enjoy a delicious meal with friendly, easy-going local friends. You can have experience in shopping in the local market, cooking with her and she will teach you how to cook the traditional Vietnamese food.

It would be a nice discovery of Vietnamese flavours and the spirit of the Triip community.


Saigon Free Style Cooking Class:

Hang is a perfect mix of patience and passion. She will be teaching you how to cook Vietnamese traditional meal in the most authentic and simple way. She will bring you to the local market where the local housewives come to do their daily shopping and stop for a gossip with their neighbours, making it a really “Vietnamese” experience.


Then you guys will be cooking at home together. During the tour, she will be telling you a lot about vietnamese customs related to food, tea and other aspects. Just ask her!

Wonderful Cooking Trip in Cu Chi Tunnels:

Follow this tour with Tan, a doctor, a biologist and a Chef. He had been travelling in many countries around the world and got back in Vietnam to open up HCM Agricultural Villages – Traditional Cooking School. This is not only a cooking tour but a agricultural experience that the Chef will lead you around the village and explain to you everything about agriculture such as Cow areas, mushrooms areas, fish, prawn areas, Buffalo areas, herbs and vegetables areas. You will be picking up the vegetables in the garden and use them for cooking. All the food are so delicious and healthy.


Then you will have a chance to visit Cu Chi Tunnels System. You will be surprised about how they were constructed, I bet.

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