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The most important festival of Thai Locals


Songkran is considered as one of the hottest and most wonderful occasion which will be covered by friendly water fights and by street parties around the entire Thailand. You should not miss out!


It is known as as New Year Day of Thai culture which is officially observed between the 13th and 15th of April. This special holidays are widely celebrated for the sake of symbolic traditions. Moreover, Songkran is also days for family reunions, temple visiting and annual house cleaning. To compare with Lunar New Year, it is kind of the same except for difference of two calendars.



Traditionally, Thais perform the Rod Nam Dum Hua ritual on the first day of Songkran, which is officially the National Elderly Day.

The early morning of second day – which is called National Family Day – families would give alms to the monks – who plays a vital role in Thai culture. One important thing is that ‘Bathing the Buddha image’ – a must-religious ritual, in which devout Buddhists pour fragrant water over statues in temples and at their homes.

During Songkran, most buildings, bands, restaurants, etc… would close temporarily, while shopping centers remain their daily operation. On the street these days, especially in Bangkok, there must be various of friendly water fights taking place. In those fights, Thai people use different water toys and tools to ‘attack’ each other with water. For Thai culture, these activities represent purification and the washing away all of their sins and bad luck.


There are other follow-up events taking place all over Asian major cities to celebrate Songkran festival. Check it out here

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