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The story of Italian pizza

It’s pizza! Seriously, we would send our sweetest thankful kisses to the person who invented this almighty cheesy gooey dish. International brands keep growing on an hourly scale due to pizza’s almightiness: delicious, convenient, can-be-made healthy, children’s best friends, adult’s life-savers in many cases, delicious, delicious and delicious. But that’s how we – non-local pizza lovers see pizza. How about taking a step back and to learn about the one dish that we all adore: how is pizza made authentically in Italy? Why those toppings? Why not others? On what occasions do they serve Margarita? How come it’s so simple but so good? These are the questions I bet you must have asked yourself thousands times. LivingLocal hopes to give you a brief but informative history of our all-time-favorite Friday dinner: PIZZA!!!!

Pizza – could be considered as a flatbread baked with meat, seafood, tomato sauce, olive oil and vegetables…It depends on the eater’s appetite, chef will need to customize their pizzas with typical or mixed topping in order to make it appropriate. The first pizza was believed to be made in 18th – 19th century, developed from the flatbread in Naples, Italy. People said that until 1830 that pizza was sold in public for the first time and immigrated to America in the late 19th century. Due to its almightiness, successful Pizza brands such as Dominos, Pizza Hut grow so fast globally due to the fact that they can offer the convenient yet delicious pizzas to sooth any pizza craving!

Decorating the topping of pizza require certain skills and comprehensive mind. When pizza is brought out of the oven for serving, it must be crispy from the outside, cheesy gooey if it’s a cheese pizza, tasty sauce, fresh basil or oregano. It is not easy to be a truly “Pizzaiolo” – Italian for Pizza Chef. A respected Pizzaiolo is a chef with aesthetic mind and several years of craftsmanship.

The original Italian pizza usually contains of mozzarella, an Italian cheese. This cheese used as an improved product for mass production of pizza due to it abilities of enhancing the browning. The boxed/mass produced mozzarella cheese would be more stable, more delicious and provide a necessary melting for the pizza.

It doesn’t matter if customer are vegetarians. Nowadays, there are many pizza options for vegans with favourable topping like green beans, salad and other appropriate combination of vegetative food. A typical original pizza topped by basic sor such as cheese, tomato sauce, beef (or pork for replacement), pepper, chilli and many other spices.

Pizza 1

Pizza 2

Pizza 3

What are you waiting for? Get up and order some pizza. You deserve the goodness.

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