This local bar hangs off the side of a cliff 50 meters of feet up to dare your dining guts!

The impressive bar

This impressive bar undoubtedly proves how powerful and limitless creativity in architecture can be.

A tall unique bar by Arquitectos company,”Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar” is definitely not the bar for everyone. Predictably, the bar is located right on the edge of the Copper Canyon in Mexico, opposite to the amazing Basaseachi waterfall. “Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar” will be completed

This fascinating design is going to be a two-floor bar. The second floor is has one-of-a-kind tables for the best Instagram shoots. Any corner of the 2nd floor is designed to capture the breath-taking Basaseachi waterfall down below. The first floor isn’t for anyone with acrophobia. Why? its floor is transparent made by glass!

Walking on the 1st floor would be either fascinating or terrifying. In any case, dining and drinking in a such a bar is definitely an unforgettable local experience.

Undeniably, the stunning scene of Copper Canyon cliff below is worth every risk building this unique bar.

Before dinner, you can increase your appetite by 30′ swimming in its up-in-the-sky pool.

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