The Best Hoodie Travel Pillow Lets You Sleep Anywhere

Sometimes you are many thousands of miles away, drained of energy, doing that long, slow blinking thing and yearning for a place to lay my tired head. If by some cruel twist of fate that place happens to be a car or airplane, You’re totally screwed. Everyone knows there’s no possible way to get comfortable on an airplane, never mind get some real sleep.
There’s something for you, the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie: A comfy sweatshirt with a hidden inflatable pillow so you can literally blow yourself to sleep anywhere on the goddamn planet.

At first glance, the Hypnos Hoodie looks like any other hooded sweatshirt, except the inflatable pillow hidden inside the hood section.

When you want to nap, blow into the hoodie pillow valve to inflate it.
And nap wherever you want.

nap wherever you want
Imagine: No more sore neck from leaning against the train window or trying desperately to make a pillow out of your own arm on the plane.
When you’re done, open the valve and deflate it.

You're done
The next time you take the bus…

on the bus sleeping

Or if you’re camped out in the library to “study.”


With a few quick puffs, the hood transforms into a comfortable pouch of air specifically designed to cradle your head and neck.


And don’t worry, it doesn’t look all weird and bulky when the pillow’s deflated.
And from here on out, the world is your bed.


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