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Tired of getting scammed? Triip is a new way for you to travel

What is Triip?

Triip is the happiest way to enjoy truly local experiences. 

We are the travel platform that enable travellers to book truly local experiences crafted by local experts in 93 countries, 653 cities around the world.

We enable local individuals to become Local Experts and share their passions while making extra revenues. On, you can for instance connect to Agnes, a French actress who brings travellers to the theatre in Paris, or Saigon Lovers, a group of Vietnamese students that crafted a free motorbike tour in their city. You can even meet people to do Startup tour for you in different cities. You can book a local photographer to follow you when you travel.


What can you get by using Triip?

“Meeting with a local tour guide who has extensive knowledge of the area, the people and the history can be a great advantage to learning about a foreign land when traveling. They can offer you an insider’s perspective on the local culture.”

Why should you use Triip?

  • Say goodbye to “tourist trap”. Let’s enjoy travel like a true local.
  • Unique tours by the local guides that can’t be found elsewhere, especially Startup tours, Photography tours, LGBT tours.
  • Widest coverage with 21 categories, in 95 countries, 653 cities around the world.
  • 100% moneyback Guaranteed. Triip keeps money until you finish the tour so once you are not satisfied with the tour quality, just contact Triip and you will get your money back.
  • Secured payment with Paypal and credit card.


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