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Top 10 British dishes

While most of modern British eat a lot of pasta, pizza and dishes influenced by Indian and Chinese cultures (like curries and stir fries) for their daily diets, the traditional culinary is still favoured and displayed on the tables in family meals. Though some of these foods are not eaten every day, they extensively reflect British cuisine.

Bakewell Tart


You can know the origin of this tart by hearing its name, ya it really originates from the town of Bakewell. This kind of tart is a shortcrust pastry filled with jam and almond sponge. It serves the best when combined with a cup of tea.

Pork pie


This pie has various forms from a snack or lunch boxes to even a meal. It is a small, round pie with a crust of brittle brown pastry and a filling of chopped pork. Pork pie is also a good idea for picnicking when added a topping of fruit jam or fresh fruit.



The ingredients needed for a perfect Kedgeree include curried rice, flaked fish, parsley and boiled eggs. This dish actually comes from India in the days of the Raj, and was widely favoured by the Victorians. Though today it is not as popular as it was, its flavour is worth trying.

Custard tart


There is a wide range of versions of custard tart around the world but the egg custard may be the best choice. You can make it yourself with a shortcrust pastry, a well made egg custard, and a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Yorkshire pudding


This is not really a kind of pudding but a part of a Sunday roasts meal. If you are a skillful cook, your Yorkshire puddings will be light and crisp; otherwise they can be hard to eat.

Reestit mutton


This kind of mutton is a specialty of Shetland. It is saturated with salt and left for three weeks, and then taken out and dried. A soup with potatoes, swede and cabbage is a good base of Reestit mutton or it can be used with oatcakes or hot, fresh bread.



Are you glad that finally there is a dish made of fish in the list? This quintessential English foods was once a common breakfast but nowadays it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Fish and Chips


Another dish paired with fish that you can give it a try. English chip is much larger and softer than French fries and when served with fish, the couple Fish and Chips has become a widely known cultural icon.

Mince pies


This is the must eat pie at Christmas. The mince pie was once filled with mincemeat, but now it is a mixture of dried fruits, spices, fat and brandy. And the combination with clotted cream will leave you unforgettable experience.



These days Haggis is most popular in Scotland. Haggis is made from some parts of a sheep so it has a gamey flavor and should be peppery. Haggis can also be enjoyed with fish and chips in any Scottish chip shop.

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