Top 10 mind-blowing facts about Bhutan

Bhutan is a unique country with deep-rooted culture, pristine nature, happy and calm people. The tiny country, whose population is only 750,000 people, lies in between the two most populated countries in the world: China and India. This is the only place in the world that has no major presence of heavy industry, big bucks from mass tourism is not that big of a deal to people, preserving their nature and protecting culture are their ultimate goals of life. They make us all bow our knees for their long term-minded visions and stable development policies. But the above-mentioned may have been repeated too many times via media, Bhutan has more than that for us all to learn and to adore. Here are some mind-blowing facts that may give you a reason to book a trip to Bhutan:

  1. The only country with no GDP to measure its living standard but GNH (Gross National Happiness).
  2. One of very few countries in the world with Carbon NEGATIVE. This means the country’s carbon sinks absorbs more carbon dioxide than its sources of  pollution emits. In other words, its forests take in more carbon than its factories produce.

3. The phallic symbol

This decoration is almost always in erect position, not to mention often ejaculating. It is decorated on most houses in Bhutan’s rural areas. Not only on houses, you will get to see them quite often in these areas as scarecrows in fields (interesting!), a drink dipper before handling to guests, on car license and even a blessing device! Their ultimate purpose: to keep evils spirits and bad fortune away. Why and when? Let’s go back over 6 centuries away when a lama/poet called Drukpa Kunley who was re-known for using sex as a form of teaching Buddhism. His students, particular women, were enlightened and blessed by sex. It was recognized that his penis was believed to have the power to subdue demons. His “teaching tool” was later named “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom” while while Kunley received the title of “fertility saint.”Bhutanese then built a monastery after his honor – the Chimi Lhakhang – at a remote and accessible from a nearby village. You will be amazed since the phallic symbol is decorated on every single house on the way to Chimi Lhakhang. This monastery is still active till now for women and couples who seek to be blessed with fertility, they will come here to be hit on the head by the monks with wooden or bone phallus.


Fertility is appreciated via Buddhism in Bhutan. “Fertility Saint” used his “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom” to teach women Buddhism. Source


Phallus on a vilager’s house, beautifully decorated. Source

4. Bhutan provides complete free education and healthcare.

5. People have life of minimalists and have no greed to achieve more in terms of wealth.

6. Women wear kira


Kira makes women young, elegant and beautiful.

7. Mean wear Gho


Man scarf is called “Kabney”. It has its own ranking for different social classes. Whit scarf means these young men are commoners.Source

8. They are not fans of crickets of basketball. They are more of crazy fans of archery. This has been the national sport of Bhutan since 1971.


9. Countless and colorful flags

Those flags are prayers flags originally from Buddhism. They come in several forms but all of they have one thing in common: colorful and full of good-will for a peaceful country.


10. Their food contain 3 main ingredients: cheese, chili and milk or butter.


Salted butter tea – Yakkety Yak. Source


Emma-datsi. Chili is considered as a kind of vegetables, not spice. So in case you are allergic to chili or you cannot stand spicy food, let the restaurant know before ordering. Source


Momo buns – cheese and spicy dumpling. Source

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