Top 5 paradises of food and wine in Europe

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Europe has a reputation for being home to a variety of original cuisines. Whether you are a wine lover or a delicacies seeker, our list ensures to give you the best hints for food and wine destinations in Europe.


food & wine

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It is not surprising that Paris is mentioned in the list. In addition to tradition food, modern Paris with new restaurants, wine bars, and travel lovers have made Paris more colorful with many ethnic restaurants—namely North African, Vietnamese–Laotian, Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese spots, which results in greater dishes.


food & wine

Specialties you can try here is creamy fegatini (a chicken-liver spread) and ribollita (minestrone thickened with bread and beans and swirled with extra-virgin olive oil). And of course you can always drop in an enoteca (wine bar) during the day to enjoy the local atmosphere or just take a rest.


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Famous for its exceptional white wines, delicate fish, and France’s most plentiful fruits and vegetables, Loire is tinged with regional idetity. Good quality wines are attributed to the fine weather, which is calm and cool. Some representatives of local dishes are:  a perfect pike perch, called sandre, from the river, bathed in a silky beurre-blanc sauce; coq au vin prepared with a fruity red Sancerre; a tender fillet of beef in a Chinon red-wine reduction.


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Onion soup

This is a city in France, regarded as the birthplace of traditional French cuisine. A kind of restaurant called bouchons offers classic everyday dishes like grati­née lyonnaise (onion soup) and boudin noir (pork blood) sausages. You will have a chance of tasting black-truffle soup encased in pastry prepared by über-chef Paul Bocuse—the original master of Nouvelle Cuisine.


food & wine

Dining out is a favorite pastime of Roman. Roman chefs still keep the classic version of Roman foods like pasta all’amatriciana with a tomato, Roman bacon, chilli pepper, and pecorino cheese sauce—sometimes with onion.

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