Top 12 sandwiches around the world

Sandwiches, undeniably, is the single best invention of the F&B industry. It is convenient, nutritious, insanely simple and above all, delicious!!! Locals in these 12 countries find these sandwiches irresistible so here are what they highly recommend for you to try.

  1. Bocadillo – Spain


Baguette with cheese, potato and egg is a favourite breakfast of Spanish

  1. Arepa – Venezuela

Venezuela’s sandwich is varied with many recipes. Local’s favorite filling is sliced beef, black bean, chicken, cheese or avocado.

  1. Croque Madame – France

A traditional sandwich of France includes a slice of baked sandwich with cheese and omelette. Classy and sexy!

  1. Bánh mì – Vietnam

An interesting taste when combining between the Western cuisine and Vietnamese cuisine. Vietnamese Banh mi is filled with a lot of pâté, jambon, cha lua (vietnamese jambon) and Vietnamese daikon and carrot pickles, cucumber and chilly.

  1. Smoked pork sandwich – Canada

Canadians are attractive to pumper sandwich filled with smoked pork and mustard.

  1. Doner kebab – Turkey

Grilled sliced pork with cabbage, onion, tomato, chilly is a typical filling Turkish kebab.

  1. Vada pav – India

Indians create this dish for vegetarians. The main ingredients are potato powder, vegetables, curry sauce with coconut milk, tamarind paste and garlic.

  1. Smorrebrod – Denmark

Slices of  pumper bread are covered by seafood such as dipped herring, smoked salmon or shrimp, decorated with cucumber, boiled egg, onion…This is the amazing Danish Smorrebrod.

  1. Katsu Sando – Japan.
 photo DSC04105.jpg


Though it’s not a typical dish of Japan, sandwich with fried pork and cabbage give Westerns tourists reasons to come back.

  1. Torta – Mexico

It can be served hot or cold. Torta is filled with pork, fried bean, cream-butter sauce and vegetable.

  1. Zapiekanki – Poland

 photo zapiekanki-z-pieczarkami.jpgA famous Typical street food in Poland, a baguette is sliced in half and filled with mushroom, cheese and ketchup.

  1. Peanut butter and jam sandwich – USA

Simple but perfectly delicious for all sweet-tooths out there. A fantastic breakfast with this killer sandwich and a glass of cold milk.

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