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Top 3 Bubble Tea Spots in Saigon

Ever since my secondary school, bubble tea has been my life for pretty much forever. I could never ever live without it, especially after school we would gather a bunch of friends for a bubble tea date. Right now, there has been several bubble tea places in Saigon, with delicious flavors and of course, the hygiene factor is well tightened. Here are my top 3 bubble tea places for all the bubble tea lovers out there. Guaranteed with best hygiene factor and choices of flavors. 

  1. KOI: 

Koi was founded in 2006 with the very first two stores in Taiwan, and since then it’s been all over Asia like Singapore, China, Cambodia and many more. Vietnam is the latest destination with its first shop at Vivo City in D7. Koi is famous for its yellow jellies in the tea, unlike the black jellies that we usually have with other brands. In my opinion, the jelly texture is extremely soft and it satisfies everyone’s tastes, whereas the other jelly textures from different stores will taste hard and way too chewy. The tea is not too strong, a total plus! Come to Koi and you will be pleased!

Source: Foody

Koi the Cafe at Vivo City, Dist 7 – Source: Foody


  • SC Vivo City (!st Floor, F Section) : 1058 Nguyen Van Lih, Tan Phong Ward, Dist 7.
  • 76 Ngo Duc Ke, Dist 1.

2. Gong Cha:

Another brand from Taiwan, landed in Vietnam last year in 2015. Since then, the traffic doesn’t seem to decrease as it’s located in the busiest area in D1 where officers and tourists will come grab a drink. The drink selection is also diverse, but be sure to try the salted cream topping with the tea, it’s considered as Gong Cha’s signature drink with the salted cream on top. OMG it’s delicious!

Source: Dia Chi Hot

Source: Foody


  • 79 Ho Tung Mau, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1.
  • Vincom Center (B3 Floor): 72 Le Thanh Ton, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist 1.

3. -18 Degrees: 

This is one of the Vietnamese bubble tea brands that I usually pay a visit to. Same with Gong Cha and Koi, the drink menu has a lot to offer from milk tea to regular flavored tea such as apple tea, peach tea, strawberry tea and even kiwi. Food will also be served as well but I don’t recommend having the food though. Just come for the tea instead.

Source: Flickr

Source: Lozi


  • 74 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, Dist 3.
  • 539 Su Van Hanh, Ward 13, Dist 10.




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