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Top 5 Locations for Street Style Photos in Saigon by Local Hotties

street style photo in saigon

It’s not that difficult to find an amazing spot to shoot your street style photos, if you just spend a bit of time to look hard enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion blogger or not, but with these following places, even the amateurs like myself can pull off the best photos to share with your friends. Here are the top 5 locations in Saigon to shoot your OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

  • Bitexco Financial Tower:

Surprise surprise! But there has been a variety of OOTD photos being taken here, especially on the Hồ Tùng Mậu side thanks to its beautiful natural light and the street-like effect that Bitexco gives us. Still don’t believe me? Well, these photos will prove it to you. Work the poses!

Source: Viet Bao

Natural lighting is the best when shooting at Bitexco

  • Notre Dame Cathedral:

Let us take a moment to embrace the raw beauty of the brick walls of the cathedral with its warm orange color. Also, the brick walls are aging day by day, hence it enhances the effect of nostalgia to each street style photo you’re about to take. Suits best for a bohemian theme photoshoot if you’re planning to do one.

You can go all mysterious…

Or as hippie like this

  • L’usine Đồng Khởi:

I’m not talking about the café’s interior; I’m actually mentioning the entrance hallway of L’usine. Featuring old looking marble floor that goes with anything you’re wearing, whether it’s a simple every day look or all glammed up. The black and white effect on the floor compliments every single outfit you’re having on. So, strike away!

lusine hanh lang

  • Crescent Mall:

Might sound a bit too far away from your place (especially for those who are living in D1 and D3), but the results do pay off. For better photo qualities, be there at aroung 3PM-5PM before the sunset for the light effects will give your outfit a natural glow. To prove that I’m not a liar, here are the proofs of life.

Source: Ione

Source: Ione

  • Juicebox Café:

You might as well grab a drink at Juicebox on Trương Định St, and head to a quick photoshoot later on right on the left side of the café. It’s actually the parking lot but it’s not that crowded at all, therefore you can snap and pose as much as you want thanks to its urban feel.


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