Top 5 Night Markets In Taiwan

Taiwan night markets

Travelling to Taiwan without discovery their almighty night markets is a big miss. Besides many pagoda and spectacular sceneries, night market is the the most unique specialities of Taiwan where you can enjoy the truly and animated night life here. Night markets are not only a paradise for street food but a world of souvenirs with affordable prices. LivingLocal suggests to YOU  top most famous night markets in Taiwan!

  1. Shilin Night Market, Taipei

Shilin night market is located in Shilin district and is considered the most famous and biggest night market in Taipei. It’s not only a familiar place for locals but also a popular place to gather backpackers in  Taipei.

Shilin night market is famous for many Taiwanese traditional foods : sausage wrapped in glutinious rice, Xiao Long Bao baozi, oyster omelet, bubble tea…

  1. Miaokou Night Market, Keelong
night markets

Miaokou Night Market (廟口夜市) Keelung, Taiwan (台灣基隆市). Source

Located in Keelong, one of the biggest port city in Taiwan, Miaokou night market hence sells mostly seafood. The market is next to the famous temple, Dianji, so the name “Miaokou” means the path to the temple.

Coming to Miaokou night market, don’t forget to try fresh seafood here. You can pick fresh seafood yourself and ask those cooks to make it the way you want. Specialties in Miaokou includes dishes made from seafood like: eel soup, scallop bubble…

  1. Huaxi Street Tourists Night Market, Taiwan

Located near Longshan temple, Huaxin is the first tourist night market in Taiwan and is popular for dishes made from snake. The market is outstanding by a traditional Taiwanese gate and red lanterns which attract tourists at first glance. Along the street is well-known food stalls that offer typical Taiwanese street food.

According to locals, snake is a nutritious source of food. Once you visit this market, you will get to witness authentic ways to cook snakes. Besides, the market is also famous for other food such as pork soup, eel noodle, squid soup.

  1. Tainan Flower Night Market, Tainan

The most famous night market in the South of Taiwan and is surely one of the top night markets in Taiwan. The specialties here is coffin bread, a tasty coffin-shaped bread what’s more is that it is ful-filled with corn cream. Moreover, this market is  famous for the one and only stinky tofu, candied guava, bubble tea…

This is a favorite place for young locals and travelers because there are a lot of game machines and pinball for a fun weekend hang-out.

  1. Liuhe Night Market, Kaosiung

This market sells everything like a traditional market does: it offers you from cloth, foods, knife to even pets. But this it the place to try stinky tofu which is claimed by locals:” the stinkier it is, the more delicious it gets”. We dare you to try it!

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