Forget the Bund, here are 5 hidden gems in Shanghai by night

Shanghai nightlife guide

Forget the Bund, here are 5 hidden gems in Shanghai by night

Shanghai nightlife guide is a must-have list in your handbag in case you have more than one night in the city of future. Shanghai is special to locals since it has touches of International culture growing inside it, stronger and clearer, every day. Shanghai is also unique to locals since it is the named the city of god temple. Locals come to different temple, each of which worships a specific god, to pray for a specific desire that they are yearning for. Shanghai is also the place for all local food and International food. Nightlife in Shanghai, therefore, is way much more sophisticated and more interesting. Why? Because:

1.  Shanghai nightlife guide should always start with Huang Pu River by night

The very reason why we suggest you should forget the Bund is because of the fact that once you take night cruise on Huang Pu river by night, you can see the Bund from above and even more than the Bund itself. You will find the answer why this river plays the most important role in making Shanghai the city of international trading. As a matter of fact, the regular ticket for night cruise is RMB200 for an amazing river cruise by night. Yet if you pay an extra RMB20, you will get a chance to avoid the crowd and have a better view of the night skyline as you sail pass, especially on a clear night.

shanghai nightlife guide

A romantic corner on Huangpu river. Source

Shanghai nightlife guide

Shanghai Skyline. Source

2. Shanghai nightlife guide 2nd ranking belongs to Lujiazui – the Forest of Skyscrapers

We still wonder in the area of Huangpu river yet at another level, I mean it, at another level. Yes, Lujiazui building is the place to avoid the crowd, get the best view of Huangpu river and the Bund: best of both words literally. This is the symbol of Shanghai’s magical development in the past few decades.

Local tip: take the tunnel under the river to reach Shanghai World Financial Center to see Shanghai as if you were a free and flying bird! But first, you can be a bird at home enjoying these photos:

Shanghai nightlife guide

Bird view of Shanghai by night. Source

Shanghai Nightlife - Guide - Shanghai Tower - LivingLocal

The 88-story building on top on Pudong district. Source

3. The one and only Shanghai Circus World for kids to hang out in Shanghai nightlife guide list.

The place is the best entertaining option in Shanghai by night. Shanghai Circus World offer outstanding performances. Miss it and you will Shanghai, that’s all we need to say about the place. Book a ticket now and let your mouth be O-shaped. Top-notched artists and circus performers in every corner of China is recruited carefully to serve your night. Go! Enjoy!

Shanghai nightlife guide

Shanghai Circus World. Source

4. Nanjing Road – the irreplaceable shopping street for your Shanghai nightlife guide

Shop till you drop. China is a country of all-class products, from the cheapest to the most upscale, you can find all of them here as long as you have cash and know where to go.

Nanjing Road is well-known for its busy shopping time at night with a lot of well-established brands and authentic restaurants. We highly recommend that you should get here as soon as sun set touches the city then you can have as much time as you want to discover the place.

Shanghai nightlife guide

Nanjing Road by night. Source

5. Similar to Nanjing Road but more options for dining, Shanghai nightlife guide cannot be complete without Xintiandi

In the middle of the city of rapid changes, it is interesting to witness an “old modern” building. The area is an unexpected romantic corner that has everything to fulfill your appetite. Yellow lights from those restaurants make Xintiandi atmostphere as quiet and peaceful as your soul when you listen to “Strangers in the night” by Frank Sinatra.

Take your girlfriend/lover/wive there, feast her with her favorite dish at her favorite place, give her chocolate and rose, simply hold her hands to tell her how much grateful you are for having her in your life – that’s my friends – is more than “I LOVE YOU”.

Any how, take a good look at the peaceful Xintiandi

shanghai nightlife guide

The peaceful Xintiandi. Source

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