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Top 5 Sustainable Travel Trends that We Must Know in 2020

“It’s less about where you’re traveling than how you can travel better” 

Will Jones, founder of Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy

National Geographic has asked more than a dozen industry experts what travel looks like in 2020. And “sustainability” is top of mind. “Travelers are increasingly interested in trips that mean something, and for long-term,” says Will Jones, founder of Journeys by Design and Wild Philanthropy.

So we have read through Travel Trends in 2020 of National Geographic and choose the top 5 trends that we have experiences with Triip customers.

Wellness vacations turn to nature

More and more properties are offering programs that are specifically designed to promote personal transformation and more focused not just on the body and the mind but also on the mental and spiritual benefits of reconnecting with nature.
And that’s how you connect with yourself. Wildness is the cure in the modern world. The beauty of an adventure is that you never know what unexpected moments will transform your vacation from a great plan to a great experience. Getting out there and being amongst the trees, streams, and wildlife can cure what ails you and create memories that will last a lifetime.

You can earn a lot from the nature: the memories, the transfromation.

Photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

Women-only trips shine

“Women are particularly interested in supporting other women, which leads to companies hiring female guides and sourcing from female-owned suppliers,” says Brown + Hudson’s Brown. So this trend is beginning to grow in 2020.

Check out these countries if you are planning for these your next vacations:

  1. Mexico:  It has enough diversity in culture, landscape, and even seasons to suit all types of solo travelers
  2. New Zealand: People said it is “the capital of the adventure travel world”, that’s why the country ranks as one of the best destinations for thrill-seeking solo travelers.
  3. Thailand: The country is primed for young travelers setting out on their first big trip.
  4. Germany: With a highly efficient of infrastructure, moving around is easily.
  5. Switzerland: It is secured 11th place on the list thanks to its rich scenery and year-round sense of adventure—skiing, hiking, rock climbing—as well being an incredibly safe option for women wanting to explore the country alone.
  6. Philippines: With many different islands and the hospitality of local people make this country becomes the top of mind for young and solo travelers.
  7. Portugal: The whole place scores points with solo travelers for its scenery but is also a draw for its good track record with women’s rights and culture.
  8. Canada: Attracts solo travelers for its safety, solid women’s rights record, and diverse range of scenery

Wait! Before you move on to the last 7 countries, can you guess which countries are those? Take your time to guess 😲

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Ok here is the list!

Australia 👉Italy 👉Indonesia 👉US 👉Spain 👉France and Japan!

So next vacation, consider these countries also (and of course, after COVID-19)

Single-use plastics phase out

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Avoiding single-use plastics like bottles and bags is hard enough at home, and can be especially difficult while traveling. When you’re on the go and trying to pack light, it’s easy to grab a plastic-wrapped sandwich and bottle of water.

But eliminating single-use plastics on a trip might be easier than you think—even in a foreign country without potable water. So these are our suggestions:

  1. The Tool Kit: a reusable grocery bag, collapsible food container, bar soap and bar shampoo, bamboo utensils, a glass straw, two reusable water bottles.
  2. Two Bottles Are Better Than One
  3. You Have to Ask: Carrying a straw—or food container, or a bag—isn’t helpful if you don’t say “No straw please” or “I have my own bag, thanks!” or “Do you mind putting that fresh shrimp in my container?” 

These are 3 easiest ways to become more sustainable on your travel. You benefits from your travel, minimize the time of using your plastic is the way you pay for Mother Nature.

Green hotels check in

A recent survey shows that 70 percent of travelers would be more likely to book a property if they know it’s planet friendly, but 72 percent are unaware that eco-certifications exist for vacation stays. So you can ask the tour operator or hotel owner to provide more information about sustainability. 

Unique experiences are winning over “must-see” destinations

Travelers are now choosing to travel off-season, or they are choosing lesser-known destinations known as “second-cities”. found that 51% of travelers would be willing to switch their chosen destination to a lesser-known place if it would reduce the environmental impact.

And here we have Triip – the happiest way to travel with unique local experience. And more than just the way you travel, it is the only app that pay your travel.

Triip – Earn to Travel, Travel to Earn

What do you think about 5 travel trends? Which one do you support? Follow us to get more updates!


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