Top 8 Interesting Facts About Hanoi

Hanoi sky view
  •  War history

Vietnam have been a victim of wars and oppressions almost their whole existence. After the dynasties era, Vietnam was colonized by the French and oppressed by Chinese domination, followed by the Indochina war. After the Vietnam war, Vietnamese villages were troubled by the Cambodian Khmer Rouge so they fought against the Khmer as well.

War history

There are numerous museums all over Hanoi such as War museum, Revolutionary museum, Army museum, Military museum, Prison museum & Ho Chi Minh’s very own museum, and many more (!). I’m not proud to say that I’ve visited all of them… they are pretty much the same, but very informative!\

  • Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh

National icon? Revolutionary war hero? Or just an old guy who just looks friendly?! Ho Chi Minh is the pride of Vietnam. The man who brought peace to Vietnam through decades of wars. I’m not posting propaganda, this is actually the way it is in Hanoi! He even has his own mausoleum where you are allowed to see his body for a few seconds, with high security around him (even though he’s already dead). I felt an awkward feeling when I was there…

  • Old Quarter

Old Quarter in Hanoi

Great place for street shopping or taking street pictures. This is a the number one attraction in Hanoi. But be sure to bargain a lot, which brings me to my next point.

  • Hassling almost everywhere

In Southeast Asia, I think Vietnam is the country most known for it’s hassle with tourists. I’ve heard stories where police have been involved. Some can be aggressive if you don’t buy something from them. And your tip is almost always too little. I understand that they survive on the money they receive, but I also understand that tourists don’t want to feel cheated.

  • Beware of dog food

If you’ve already tasted snake, frog or lizard, you can try dogmeat. I don’t know if it’s a delicacy, an ordinary dish or a snack. And quite frankly, I don’t want to know. So give yourself a principal rule when ordering food: Always check what kind of meat is being served!

  • Traffic

Traffic in Hanoi

The first few days can be scary, and as long as you want to go somewhere you always have to cross roads. But it’s not the cars you’re watching out for, it’s the f****** motorbikes!

  • Great city

Despite the traffic or the hassling, Hanoi is a great city with a lot of people who will make your day fun. And you won’t get bored, unless you visit all the museums… but there are a lot of other sights to see. Why not check out the monument where John McCain was shot down and captured?

  • Ca Tru

Ca Tru

Be sure to check out the ancient, traditional Vietnamese chamber music: Ca Tru. It’s also listed in UNESCO Cultural Heritage.


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