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Trap Room 4 – Jump Empire : New Era for Underground Acts

Good news for underground music lovers in Saigon in general and Trap/Hip-Hop music squads in particular, Trap Room series is back with a brand new theme and of course, new music. Let the Jump Empire Begin! 


Organized by Shizzle team since August 2015 ,Trap Room Series is one of the party series of Shizzle as they have brought other series like After School, Hall of Fame and such. Trap Room is a place where Hip Hop/Trap lovers can gather around together for a night full of boom blasting music, make new friends and share a few drinks or two.

With the aim to bring a unique space for all underground artists, Trap Room is one of the series that can adapt your sense of style and introducing your music to all the young Saigonese out there. Even though trap and hip=hop music’s origins were based on the streets, but they are slowly proving themselves in the music industry with lots of artists that go viral. Sooner or later, trap and hip hop will become so prominent thanks to their popularity and their catchy melodies.

For more ticket information and the event date, Triip will keep you updated as soon as possible once the news are up! In the mean time, for more info about Trap Room series, click here.

Here are some sneak peek photos to get you visualized what it actually feels like to be there.





Photos: Trap Room’s Facebook Page 

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