Triip’s Top Travel Planning Apps To Help You See The World

We all want to travel more. But it’s such a hassle, isn’t it? Let these travel planning apps do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Travel shouldn’t be a chore. Take our list of the best travel planning apps to help you make your next adventure as smooth and as fun as possible.
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Plan well for a smooth, successful journey with a travel planning app or two

If only it were as simple as picking a place and going.

The joy of travel can be quickly muddied by the bureaucratic tasks associated with actually executing the trip of your dreams. You’ve picked the place to go, now you’ve got to figure out how to get there and where you’ll stay. Arrive early for a discount? Wait, that would mean you’d need to book an extra night at your place of stay. Do you do the budget-friendly option or the YOLO option? Will you still have enough money to not die when you come back?

The complications are multiplied many times over if you’re traveling with friends. Is everyone on the same page? Should we vote? Or do you just rule with an iron fist?

“Maybe it would just be easier to stay home,” you think. “This is turning in to a job.”

Traveler, listen to yourself! You’re really going to let a little trouble keep you home as you set out on a life-changing, thrilling adventure that awaits you in the broader world?

“But Triip, how can I do it?”

With, technology dear traveler.

We’ve got a collection of the best travel planning apps and task managers you need to make your travel the best, smoothest, greatest thing you decided to do. These are tools that help you make the planning process part of the adventure. With the right travel planner app, this first step in the process can certainly feel like the pre-adventure to the adventure.

We’ve recommended these apps. We’ll go through each of them one by one and explain in detail what each of these apps does so you can select the right one that fits in to your needs and specific kind of travel.

For convenience’s sake and for easy reference, here’s a preview of the apps we’ll be looking at. 

Before you go

Note these travel planning apps to be prepared.
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Packing Pro: a travel planner app that gives you a detailed view of what you need before you go.

AirBnB: a travel planner app that gives you a broad selection of the world’s rented apartments, homestays, spare rooms, and so on.

TripIt: An itinerary making app that helps you put everything together.

Triip: The BEST travel app and the only one that pays you to travel.

While you’re on the road

LoungeBuddy: this travel planner app helps you find the nearest airport lounge and tells you how to get in.

HotelsTonight: this travel planning app helps you find a last minute hotel deal.

Time Shifter: this app uses science to beat jet lag and help you find your rhythm in a new time zone quicker.

Google Translate: while it’s not a travel planning app per se, this is an important piece of software that handily translates while you’re in a new country that speaks a new language.

TripAdvisor: Use the wisdom of the crowds to help you find the best attractions, restaurants and experiences on this ratings-based travel app.

When you come back

Hopper: this travel planning app helps you anticipate the next trip by keeping an eye out for flight deals and watching price movement on a preferred trip.

Triip: Got pictures of your journey? We’d love to see them and we’ll even pay cryptocurrency for them. 

Before You Go

Travel planning apps to help you built the best trip
This travel planning app helps you pack like a pro, hence the name.
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Packing Pro

You’re all set to go and now you just need to pack your bags. Don’t forget your toothbrush. Or phone charger. Or that other thing that you don’t want to forget … what was that again?

If only there was a travel planning app that helped with packing!

Packing Pro is an app the helps you be just that. This smartly designed app uses a dynamic list-based interface to help you craft a complete packing list.

“But I can do this on my Notes app!” you may retort noting this app’s small fee for use.

Trust us, whatever you’re writing on your phone to note your packing needs can’t compare. This travel planning app not only notes all of your items but will even take the weight of each good and prioritizes them so you know what to drop so you can stay under your luggage weight restriction. You can even create packing lists for multiple people so everyone knows what they need to bring. You could share a Google Doc, but really why would you when this is available? Packing Pro will even create reminders for you to do the necessary things one does before a trip, like notify emergency contacts that you’re leaving and taking all the perishables out of the fridge. Can your Google Doc do that? Didn’t think so.

This travel planning app helps you easily find some cool places to stay.
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You want a place to stay. They’ll help you find it. What more is there to say about the world’s go to accomodations travel planning app? There are 5.3 million rooms, apartments and other places to stay available on this site as of publication. If you want to stay somewhere unconventional, like in a home stay or even in a treehouse (a treehouse!) this is the place to look. This is an essential travel planning app to find the place to park it while you’re away.

This handy travel planning app composes a master itinerary for everyone so you’re all on the same page.
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Maybe you’ve got a place to stay and you’ve even booked the flights. What you need at this point is a way to put it all together.

Meet TripIt.

This is the travel planner app to rule them all, a digital master itinerary to keep you and everyone you’re traveling with updated. TripIt takes all the confirmation emails you get for your bookings and travel purchases, and turns everything in to a visually friendly schedule of events. Be honest, you were going to use a Google Doc to put all that information together manually, weren’t you? For shame! We live in the future. Let’s take advantage of all the travel planning apps they have!

This unique travel planning app helps you earn before, during and after you travel.
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Triip can help you make the most of your upcoming adventure by offering you unique, personalized tourism products and experiences that match your interests, group size and availability.

The secret in the sauce is our Travel Plan feature. It’s simple: you tell us where you’re going, what you want to see, the whole thing and we do the heavy lifting. It’s like having a travel agent in your pocket.

Of course, you’re welcome to search for and build the right trip on your own too with our collection of 33 million accomodations around the world and tours in 600 countries.

What really makes the Triip app the best travel planning app is its Travel Plan feature.

How it works: tell us where you’re going and we’ll tell you key details about the country you’re visiting including currency, average temperature, internet speeds, etc. We’ll also recommend some cool experiences that you’ll want to check out and book via the Triip app.

We’ll also reward you with our cryptocurrency TriipMiles (TIIM) for sharing your journey with us.

Imagine having someone else plan this Triiip for you and getting paid in cryptocurrency to share your travel plans as well as by submitting a photo or any other proof of travel. We’ll even pay you in crypto for booking with Triiip.

Download Triip here to try.

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🤖: Android

While You’re on the Road

Need a travel planning app to lend a hand while traveling?
This travel planning app will tell you where the nearest lounge is and show you how to get in.
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You certainly want to be at the airport early, but because of that it can be easy for you to have much, much more time than needed at the airport. And airports aren’t bad they’re just, hm, not always great.

Except for the lounges.

The lounge. The place of bottomline glasses of wine and snacks, VIP treatment for travelers, an unusually nice place amid the bustle of the airport. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can be a VIP. Some people are just regular important and have to live outside the gated lounges. Sigh.

End your despair! You, yes you too can become a lounge member with Loungebuddy.

This is an app that sends you location-sensitive information on what lounges are available in your airport. Once you clear security, you can open up the app and it will tell you who’s allowed in (what airline customer loyalty programs or credit cards bundle lounge access in). If you don’t automatically get access with a thing you’re already part of, LoungeBuddy will tell you what you need to do or pay to get into the lounge. You can do that all within the app.

It’s so easy to set up and use. Honestly, why would you settle for a lame, only just tolerable airport experience if you can have the lounge experience set the tone for your adventure and get you in the right mood ahead of your flight? This one’s a no brainer. We highly recommend it.

Looking for a place to stay with short notice? This travel planning app will help you find a spot to crash on the quick.
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Okay, at this point, you’re on the trip! Go you! Congrats! You have done the seemingly impossible and left the house!

But wait! Are you still looking for a place to stay tomorrow night or possibly even tonight?

Whether your reservations fell through or you’re just trying to play it by ear, there’s a decent chance you’re going to be looking for an immediate accommodation.

Just in time to save everything comes travel planner app HotelTonight.

This app is distinct from the other travel planner apps that we’ve listed here specifically because it’s kind of meant for those who don’t plan or when plans fail. Whether by design or by force majeure, you may need a last minute accommodation. HotelTonight works by listing all the last minute reservations and getting you (you guessed it) a hotel tonight.

How much do you get off? One user reported getting as much as 50% off the listed price of their reservation using the app. So, the savings are potentially enormous.

A quick note: all bookings on this app are prepaid and non-refundable, meaning you can’t be flexible anymore if you decide to buy a room reservation listed on this app. 

That aside, it’s absolutely essential, especially if you’re the type of travel who likes to see where the wind takes you or fly by the seat of your pants or do whatever the confounding idioms meaning be spontaneous say. It’s also a good idea to have it on your phone in case any of your reservations fall through or say, if the room you picked sucks and you have to back out. 

This travel planning app will help you adjust to your new time zone quickly and painlessly.
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Time Shifter

We’ve all felt it, the drain and disorientation that comes from living in a new time zone for a little while and then coming back home where the sun feels like it’s setting at the wrong hour and your body feels alert at inconvenient times.

Time shifter isn’t specifically a travel planning app, but it’s an incredibly useful tool for handling what happens after coming from from a distant getaway: jetlag.

Time shifter takes in three pieces off information: your sleep patter, your chronotype (are you a morning person or a night owl) and your itinerary, and crafts a personalized recovery plan to bring you back to normal “three to four times” faster than without the app, Time Shifter claims.

How they do it: the app will recommend times for sleep and times when you should seek sunlight and even oppotune moments to have some caffeine.

There are all sorts of hidden features in this quasi travel planner app, like integration with your booking information. If your flight gets delayed, it will change the timing of your instructions to make sure you’re on still on track to adjust quickly to your destination’s time zone.

Users say the app is fairly simply to use. If the $25 per year price tag is simply too high, there’s a $10 per journey adjustment that’s offered a la carte. The first adjustment is free once you download the app so you can try it out for yourself and see if this travel planner app deserves to be part of your arsenal.

This travel planning app will help you bridge the language divide in a new country.
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Google Translate

You could learn a new language or you could simply use this handy translation app to help you navigate a foreign landscape.

No internet? No problem. The latest edition of Google Translate allows users to download entire language packs for offline use so it can continue to translate text without an internet connection.

Still not enough for ya? This app will even translate voice and text characters seen in text. If nothing else, it’s a cool party trick to have your crew watch a foreign language magically change into something else.

For our money (this is free, btw) this is a travel app that’s essential to any and all adventure in a faraway place.

This travel planning app will help you find the most popular and best rated attractions in your area.
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Now that you’ve arrived at your location of choice, what do you do? You want to see the best your chosen city or locale has to offer, but you don’t know where to start.

Here’s a suggestion: get a travel planning app that gets you the wisdom of the crowds.

Since 2000, TripAdvisor has been aggregating reviews of hotels, restaurants, tours, attractions—you name it. If it’s any kind of landmark in the world, chances are there’s a TripAdvisor page associated with it.

The latest edition of the TripAdvisor app allows users to offline maps of entire cities with recommended stops so users can find the city’s best offerings even without an internet connection. This is a must have travel planning app for any adventurer. Did we mention that it’s free??

When You Come Back

Travel begets more travel. This travel planning app will help you find the next destination.
This travel planning app will keep an eye on flights you’re interested in and tell you when the best time is to buy.
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You’ve just come home from the amazing trip of your dreams! You’ve built so many nice memories! Ugh, now back to the real world.

You have to go back, don’t you?

Okay, get back in to the swing of things and take some time to adjust back to your normal schedule. In the mean time, let flight app Hopper keep an eye on the skies for you to anticipate any hot flights deals.


While you’re waiting for the next trip to come up, why not share your ideas with Triip? We’ll even pay you for it.

While your dreaming up that next adventure and searching for the next place that’s worthy of your visit, why not share it with Triip? Tell us where you’re going and create a travel plan. You can tell us as much as you know, and we’ll return the favor by paying you in our cryptocurrency TriipMiles (TIIM).

Not satisfied? Triip will also pay you for sharing your travel photos, ticket stubs, receipts—anything that you can use as proof of travel to show us that you were there. For verifying your travels, we’ll again pay you in TriipMiles (TIIM).

If you traveled with friends, the rewards are even better. Let friends know that they can create a travel plan and verify their travels with Triip. Each new friend and their user activity generates additional TriipMiles (TIIM) for you. Pretty sweet, huh?

Travel planning apps are a great resource to help you get the most out of your travels both before, during and after.
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Plan Well for a Smooth Trip

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