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Udon – A Pride Of Japanese Cuisine


For Japanese, rice is the essential in daily meal like any other Asian countries, Japanese are keen on dishes made from noodle. That’s why they have a treasure of various noodles dishes and Udon is the most widely accepted one Japanese cuisine, and is a cultural exported product of Japan.
 photo 1511231_652355624829478_2121353305_n1.jpg. Udon

The person who brought this noodle to Japan is Kukai, a Buddhist monk. He rambled around China to learn new knowledge in the early 9th century. When he came back to Japan, he brought this type of thick noodle to prevail the whole Sanuki prefecture. This was the first place that udon was passed by.

In the 13th century, a Rinzai monk, Enni introduced flour milling technology to Japan. Under Edo era, the noodle officially named Udon.

The variety of cooking udon displayed the difference in cultural cuisine of each area in Japan. Each area possesses its own recipe like the udon recipe in Kanto area is not similar to that of Kansai area. However, there are some traditional recipes that adapt to every menu.
 photo Marugame-Kake-Udon.jpg. Udon

Kake-udon is the most basic udon which is only soup and noodle carried in big bowl and a little of sliced bulb above. This soup is a type of soup cooked from soy sauce, mirin (a Japanese ingredient, sweet wine) and dashi.
 photo Kitsune-Udon.jpg. udon

Another famous udon is kitsune-udon which is uesd with  tofu
 photo Wasabi_Tempura_Udon_Noodle-soup_dinner.jpg. Udon

Tempura udon is one of the basic udon that is available in all areas of Japan. The soup is carried on the small vast and served with a bowl of noodle and tempura. Souse that soup!
 photo udon-8.jpg, Udon

Karaage-Udon is a cold udon served with Japanese deep-fried chicken.
 photo 2011-10-20-cold-udon.jpg. Udon

Udon is usually served hot with a soup made from soy sauce, but during summer, there will be interesting cold udon.

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