Unique Festivals in South Korea – locals claim

1.Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival

Out of numerous festivals in Korea, the Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival offers a number of exciting events including performances, hands-on experience programs, and exhibitions of the cultural values of bullfighting, local agriculture, cows… This festival is the largest bullfighting championship in the country. It is nothing like the better known Spanish version where bulls are stabbed repeatedly until they die. Korean bullfighting is done between two bulls and doesn’t end when one of them dies, but rather ends when one of the bulls decides to run away. Consider visiting to this festival for their annual event, if you’re looking for an enjoyable reminder of traditional Korean culture.

Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival, unique festivals in South Korea

2.Andong International Maskdance Festival

Another fascinating event that draws a huge number of visitors to Korea is the Andong International Maskdance Festival held around the end of September each year. Visitors not only explore Andong Hahoe, a beautiful folk village in the countryside, but they also get to see colourful array of national and international mask dance troupes.  All these things combined make the Andong International Maskdance Festival an event that everyone looks forward to see every year.

Andong International Maskdance Festival, unique festivals in South Korea

3.Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival held at Daecheon beach takes place in mid July each year.  This festival attracts the largest number of international visitors. Fully immersed in the both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding ,the “mud king” contest and fireworks  with mud. People are so happy walking around there that they turn back into the childhood.  


Boryeong Mud Festival, unique festivals in South Korea


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