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April 4th Now Selected as Day of ‘Pho’ in Japan


Japan announced that April 4th is officially the Day of ‘Pho’ – a Vietnamese cuisine –  at EXPO City Osaka complex in the country on April 2.

Vietnamese Consul General in Osaka Tran Duc Binh spoke highly appreciates the recognition in honour of ‘Pho’. He also hoped that celebration of the day would help bring the National food of Vietnam on the map.
Muraoka Hiroshi, Acecook Company Chairman, an instant noodle producer, said that after the certificate presentation, the company has produced instant ‘Pho’ noodle and made it available at any convenience stores in Japan. He emphasized on having the authentic taste of Pho, while the broth was seasoned to suit the taste of Japanese but still reflects recipes of ‘Pho’ in Vietnam.

This is the very first time that ‘Pho’ has a special day as the international celebration.

*Pho a Vietnamese rice noodle soup consisting of spiced beef broth, slices of rare steak (or boiled chicken), linguine-shaped rice noodles, herbs such as basil, sprouts and lime. This is a popular street food in Vietnam that you should try at least once when you visit Vietnam.


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