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Vietnamese Women’s Dresses in 100 Years

vietnamese women

Like any other women in the world, Vietnamese women do have their distinctive ways to dress up and get glammed up ever since the 1400s. As they moved towards to the 1960s and onward, women always knew and still know how to upgrade their dresses, hairdos and make-up. That’s why they are so special, for their beauty is an inspiration to art, culture and of course, our every day life. Woman is a piece of art, embrace them!

Ever wondered how Vietnamese women dress throughout the years? Have a look! You can totally spot the differences; from the 1400s to the 1900s, Vietnamese women did dress a lot in dark tone colors like black and brown. As they moved to the 1960s, it was even more sophisticated with ao dai and outstanding pieces of jewelries. And the evolution goes on with the 1970s to the 2010s. Even though it’s now 2016, the evolution does not stop here. We’ll see how it goes.



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