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Cuisine from Vietnam – Differences in the Same Dish

Vietnamese cuisine come from others region are totally different with the same dishes ! Yes it does! If you’re a big fan of food, you must be want to know how to  How long does it take for being a food expert in Vietnam? There always have sign to know where is the food come from

1. Cuisine from the North.

Just like the life style, the food in the North normally not too sweet, lightly, frugal. Some famous dishes of the North are vermicelli and chicken soup (Bún Thang), Hanoi kebab rice noodles (Bún Chả Hà Nội), snail noodles (Bún ốc)…


Bun Cha Hanoi


Snail noodles, Bun oc


vermicelli and chicken soup (Bún Thang)














Besides noodles and famous dish special prepared for lunar new years, the North also famous about cakes, it is childhood of everyone who born and live here..

com-lang-vong-trong-long-ha-noi1 mon-an-vat-ngay-8-3-3

2. How about the central of Vietnam? 

The food in the central (Hue, Danang, Hoian..) is famous because of 2S: spicy and spice. Some province love the salty food. Due to royal cuisine from the past, most of the food so delicious and tasty.

Source :

Source :

But worth trying.
Tips: Eating food in central of Vietnam is awesome, even the vegetable was growth on central has more flavors, it not only wonderful, but also cheapest in Vietnam that you can find with such a hight quality food.


Source: Fish noodles

cuisine from Hue

Beef noodles

Cuisine from central

3. Hello sweet South 

Most of the food in the South contain sugar and coconut. Especially in Mekong delta, dishes always more sweet and creamy. Normally, all the vietnamese food in the south always have more flavors, a little bit sweet, spicy, salty, sour, bitter. For some family, they will cook different ways up to the “chef” . But the sweet taste is a MUST. The food cook with coconut make dish more delicious.

cuisine in the South

Hu Tieu, Rice noodles with pork and shrimp


Sweet braised pork

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