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When Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings come to Life

Inspired by 12 oil paintings by the well-known Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, Loving Vincent is going to be the very first painted animation in full length that centers around the life and death of Vincent Van Gogh. 

Source: Art Corner

The original production started in 2011, with nearly 100 painters who work with Vincent’s paintings to turn these pieces of art become a full length animated movie only by using Vincent’s paintings. Vincent’s death has been nearly 125 years, but still his paintings, especially his use of colors, is what makes him so special. Throughout the trailer which has just been released, you can see a lot of yellows, blues and oranges that most of Vincent’s paintings tend to have.

The film is currently in the making by BreakThru Studios and Trade Mark Films, the two Oscars winning film studios. If you want to follow the making process to see how they are doing, click here.

Even though the film has not been confirmed the release date yet,  but the artists are working really hard to bring this production to life. It’s predicted that once the movie is out, it’s gonna be a whirlwind.

**Info: Colossal** 

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