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Wedding Dresses Across Asia : How They Look Like

For the Asian brides all across Asia, they will definitely rock the white wedding dresses that take the fashion industry by storm. But during the formal ceremonies depending on their cultural traits and signatures, they will be wearing traditional dresses for this occasion and it’s also a way to pay respect to their motherland. 

Source: Buzz Feed

From Thailand, Vietnam, India, Afghanistan to Korea. The traditional wedding dresses have different color symbols and patterns to differentiate from. For example, Thai brides mostly use soft and pastel tones to their traditional dresses; whereas the Afghanistan takes a great use of green for most of the outfits because the green color , in Islamic culture, is a sign of heaven. Of course, we can’t neglect the Vietnamese Ao Dai where the brides will rock the red as it’s a symbol of luck to both the groom and the bride.

Wedding dresses all across Asia are all extremely unique and powerful, it clearly represents who they are and where they come from. Even more, traditional wedding dresses make them feel empowered and proud of their culture and their homeland. Without further ado, enjoy these looks and comment on below your top picks.

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