Things to Avoid Doing When Travelling in These Countries

What You Should Not Behave When Travelling in These Countries

If you’ve ever been to a foreign country, you will know that fitting in isn’t easy. Chances are, they will have a different language, set of customs, monetary unit, and way of life. Here’s a list of things not to do if you are travelling in these 15 countries.

1. Chile.

Don’t eat anything with your hands – Manners are more formal in the country.

2. Croatia.

Don’t raise your thumb, middle and index finger all at once – You’ll be mistaken for a Serbian nationalist.

3. Singapore

You can get fined for a lot of things – This includes feeding birds, spitting, smoking, eating on public transport and littering.

4. India.

Don’t kiss in public – You could end up in jail.

No physical contact with the opposite sex – Don’t shake hands or hug unless the locals offer.

5. France.

Don’t expect a huge amount of vegan options – Not many French are vegans and few accept  the practice.

Don’t talk about money – It’s taboo.

Don’t expect people to speak English – The French education system does not focus on teaching foreign languages.

6. Japan.

Don’t tip – It’s not part of the culture.

Don’t hug people you just met – People don’t like it.

Don’t stand on the wrong side of the escalator – Do what the locals do.

7. Mexico

Don’t patronize people – It’s a developing country, so don’t imply that you are better because you are a foreigner.

Don’t easily be offended – Mexicans have a big sense of humor, nothing off limits.

Don’t be afraid to try everything – Mexicans love when you try to speak the language or participate in customs.

8. New Zealand

Don’t confuse kiwis with aussies – They don’t like it.

Don’t make fun of rugby, “Lord of the rings” or the Queen of England – New Zealanders take all of these seriously.

Don’t freak out about people not wearing shoes – It’s normal.

9. Norway

Don’t stare at naked people – Norwegians change clothes in public, but people are expected to look away.

Don’t ask people about church – It’s considered rude, and most don’t attend church anyway.

Don’t expect special treatment – Norwegians are informal, and most everyone is on a first name basis with one another.

10. Russia

Don’t give an even number of flowers as a gift – That’s only done for the deceased.

Don’t rely on a  credit card – Many places are cash only.

Don’t assume the people support anything the government does – Russians often criticize their government.

11. Turkey

Don’t make the OK sign with your thumb and forefinger – It’s considered obscene.

Lay off the alcohol – Being drunk is seen as disgrace.

Don’t blow your nose or pick your teeth in public – These are impolite when done in restaurants, cafes and bars.

12. United Kingdom

Don’t cut in line – Queue jumping is considered a big deal.

Don’t ask how much money someone makes – Instead, just ask other related questions.

Don’t invite someone to your home – That is, unless you know them very well.

13. Ireland

Don’t say “Top of the morning” – It’s very outdated.

Don’t attempt an Irish accent – For the Irish, there is no such thing, there are only accents from regions of Ireland.

Don’t be cheap – Don’t join in for a round at pub without being able to pay for one yourself.

14. Germany

Don’t do the Nazi salute – It’s a crime, and you can be arrested for it.

Don’t stare – You’ll appear uneducated or mentally ill.

Don’t be overly friendly – Germans take time to warm up to others.

Don’t wish someone a “Happy Birthday” before the actual day – There is a superstition that if you do, that person could die before the birthday.

15. Kenya

Don’t disrespect religion – A large part of the population is religious.

Don’t be impatient – Hardly anything or anyone runs on time.

Don’t take about sex in mixed company – It’s considered wrong.

Don’t call someone by their first name – Only do it if someone uses their first name with you.

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