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Why is Kimchi so popular in Korean ?

Kimchi is Korea’s representative food. It has a very mixed reputation. Being listed as a superfood, the spicy pickled cabbage is an enormous source of national pride and is referenced by some experts as the healthiest food in the world. Along with wonderfully sticky white rice, Kimchi goes perfect with all Korean food and is typically consumed with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


There are over 300 kinds of kimchi. Each province has a different kind. Also, there are different kinds for each season. For example, in spring watery kimchi which we call mool kimchi, and Chinese cabbage are popular. In summer, young radish kimchi which we call chong kak kimchi and cucumber kimchi are common.

Kimchi is literally everywhere in Korea because it’s a part of every meal. Koreans usually eat kimchi all year long, especially in winter because the Korean winter is icy cold and nothing can grow in winter. So preserved kimchi provides Korean with not only tasty source of food but also great source of antioxidants and cancer-fighting agents. That is the reason why Kimchi is recognized  as one of the top five healthiest food in the world.

Korean kimchi

Korean are so proud of their kimchi that there is a museum dedicated to it in the COEX Mall in Gangnam, Seoul. That’s how important Kimchi is for Korean!

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