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You wouldn’t dare to miss this dessert in Italy

Gelato” means “something frozen” in Italy. Once you have had Gelato, you would have to eat it again, and again and again. Why? What makes Gelato so different from ice-cream? Well, it doesn’t mean that it has a better taste than ice-cream, it’s different and unique and insanely delicious. 

About the history of Gelato, it’s been told that it was first created in 16th century as a precious gift to acknowledge the Medici house. Gradually, it was widely spreaded out in Italy with many creative recipes. Somehow, it is rumored that Northern Gelato is more fattening than the Southern version (more sugar, less cream).

Gelato 1

Firstly, Gelato is similarly to ice cream, but it contains less air. Based on the policy from Italy, you can not legally put more air and water into  ice cream to gain more weight. Typical ice cream is made for commercial purpose, which means they need to be stored in long-term, that’s why regular industrial ice-cream contains more butterfat. Normally, ice cream ingredient includes 14 % – 25 % butterfat, while this number in Gelato is just 4 % – 9 %. Furthermore, with a low content of butterfat, the taste of the extra flavor will linger more, offer more choices for customers to choose.

The Italian original ice cream also has high proportion of milk – the main ingredient to make ice cream. That explained why  Gelato is denser than other kinds of ice cream. See, Gelato is god-sent dessert to make humans happy: milker, denser, smoother, tastier. Gelato can be voted as the definition of “happiness in one bite” on Earth.

Gelato also has numerous extra flavors, making it so adorable to all sweet-tooths out there. With a large number of choices, it is not easy to try them all for once. However, there are some combinations that are mostly picked by local Italian which is not widely-known among tourists since their mystery names that doesn’t reveal much of its ingredients. 

  1. Bacio means “kiss“. Bacio is literally as sweet as your lover’s kiss: a heaven-sent combination of chocolate and hazelnut.
  2. Sette Veli – chocolate’s lovers Disneyland in one bite: a combination of different kinds of chocolate from dark to light, hazelnut praline and crunchy biscuits.
  3. Stracciatella: the holy chocolate-chip combination.
  4. Tartufo is Italian for “Truffle”: a small ball of gelato made from 2 flavors covered in a chocolate shell.
  5. Zuppa Inglese: sponge cake, egg custard, scarlet-coloured aromatic liquor, Alchermes.
Insanely simple. Source here

Insanely simple. Source here

Truly evil as the name itself. No one can resist this goodness, to be honest. Source here

Truly evil as the name itself. No one can resist this goodness, to be honest. Source here

That Sette Veli... Source here

That Sette Veli… Source here

Stracciatella gelato. Source here

Stracciatella gelato. Source here

Tartufo gelato. Source here

Tartufo gelato. Source here

zuppa inglese5

Zuppa Inglese. Source here

Gelato 3

Gelato 4


Local guide to best gelato combination source here

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